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Amelia's untouched dunes
Photo by Nadine Vaughan

..where the natives are hot and the locations are cool! 

The making of
The Diary of Preston Plummer

"Soul of a Man", starring Buffalo Child, HERE.

Press Here for more about the Founder of Film Amelia...

The making of "The Diary of Preston Plummer"


Dancing on the Edge of Death... an existential adventure in 6 minutes.

The Making of "The Gospel Train"

View HERE one of the parties as Dr. Stanley Krippner turns 80!

Click here for video of Drs Mickey Hart and Stanley Krippner.

Press HERE to see Bill Pickett Rodeo Riding Actor in early 1900s

FilmAmelia! Silent Film Competition

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Native Land Productions boasts one new documentary and two in the works!


The purpose of FilmAmelia! Inc. is to educate, inform, and promote the many resources and talents available on and around Amelia Island, as a way of attracting the international filmmaking community and its investors to this location.





Announcing an open casting call for women and men, NDN and non-Native. For information on casting sites and character descriptions, go to:



The documentary, "Siren Song: A Celebration of the Life and Works of Dr. Stanley Krippner" is now available from FireCat! Press ( for only $10.00. It spans Krippner's days of psychological research from his LSD and Dream work at the Maimonides Research Laboratory in NY, through his work with indigenous cultures. It also explores his great experiment with the Grateful Dead, as told by Dr. Krippner, Mickey Hart, and others.


A documentary about the only woman ever elected Chairman (Chief), of the Seminole Indian Tribe is also still alive and in need of financial support. Originally of the Tiger family, Betty Mae Jumper made her life's work the care and nurturing of the Seminole Tribe in Florida. In doing so, she changed Seminole history from poverty to abundance; something that is still missing in the lives of many other Indigenous tribes. Funding for this worthy project is actively sought from anyone who would like to see an amazing story of an amazing woman. Contact:




Sun, December 9, 2012 | link 

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FilmAmelia! Inc. Board of Directors
Nadine Vaughan, Dave D'Ardenne, Rick Traum, Ann Fontaine

HERE for FilmAmelia! Silent Film Competition

Link to "Gospel Train" premiere HERE

Great Gospel Train article on Dave D'Ardenne, Don Flynn, and Nadine Vaughan HERE

Gospel Train Music Video HERE

Link to A Good Morning America piece on Amelia Island HERE

Find your FireCat!
FireCat! The Legend of Amazon Sage


Amelia island is a filmmakers fantasy....


Only minutes from a major airport;

The permitting process is easy to access;

Accommodations are top notch, from modest B&Bs, to a Ritz Carlton on the beach;

and where an entire community of seasoned extras awaits your call--on-time and ready to role.  


Amelia Island is a magical place who also knows her stuff...


Not to be outdone by some better known movie making places,

she recently staged an extras call that was second to none.


Amelia Island never gets left on the cutting room floor...  


Her deep, dark forests and Everglades style marshes will capture your imagination.

Her home-town celebrations and old gothic churches will make you proud.


Amelia defines "sexy with soul". She will romance you into remembering her every day of your life. 

Buffalo Child (Dances with Wolves)
Native Land actor on beautiful Florida beach

Florida's Film Production Guide HERE

          Local Film Commissioner:
          Gil Langley 
          Assistant, Bretta Vigue
          Office of the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council
          402-B Centre Street, Amelia Island, FL 32034 
          Call 904-277-0717
          Fax 904-432-8417

Native Land: Lost in the Mystery of Time
Available on &

All Island Accommodations

Click Here

"Stand for Justice" is a photographic journal, starring indigenous people who stand for justice, compassion, peace, and respect. Put together by Nadine Vaughan Williams, in honor of the people of the Oglala Pine Ridge Reservation and "Free Leonard Peltier" campaign. Music is provided by Freeware.






CONTACT: Meredith Jewell

          The Fernandina Beach, Florida

          Office of the Events Coordinator  

         For Location Permits 

See a second Native Land trailer, "Pearl's Escape" HERE.

Amelia makes filmmaking a community event,
through her people, her resources, and her genuine good will.
Whether the fire and police department; local businesses and eating establishments;
or the volunteers of auxiliary and arts organizations such as the Amelia Island Film Festival,
all do their best to make filmmaking on Amelia, a mutually beneficial experience.

Give the gift that will last a lifetime. Purchase the hardcover of "Native Land: Lost in the Mystery of Time" at or go directly to their Kindle store for a super low everyday price!



For FL Entertainment Attorney (Scott Goldberg), PRESS HERE



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